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The modular design concept of Lapra RGS allows for tailoured configuration to suit the specific application:

  • Choice with the number of printing stations according to requirements
  • Preconditioning system for the most different materials, including paper, aluminium foil, plastic films (PVC, Polyster, BOPP)
  • Reverse-side printing
  • In-line, e.g., for lamination and cold-seal applications
Max roll od 1000 mm, shaftless technology used for fast changeover of rolls, no shafts required. braking done by ac motors driven by eurotherm module, backed by loadcell feedback. infeed unit.

Consists of a steel roll and a rubber roll pneumatically activated,to clinch the substrate and allow it into the printing unit in the desired set tension. driven by ac motor with eurotherm module backed by loadcell feedback/ encoder.

Printing stations 8 nos:
robust cast iron frames of 60 mm thick properly seasoned and machined. each unit consists of the full features:-
a. all the idler rollers are body bored and dynamically balanced.
b. linear compensator assembly of japanese make thk for matching the register lengthwise, attached with skewing facility to match the cross register.
c. pneumatic chucking shaftless assembly unit for chucking the printing cylinder thoroughly attached with cones on both ends with mechanical sidelay movement, and a pneumatic impression roller assembly.
d. doctor blade assembly capable of movement vertical and horizontal with pneumatics.
e. independent blowers of 2 hp on each station with exhaust system in the blower tray alongwith radiators and thermostats.
f. rubber roll assembly operated by pneumatics and doctor blade assembly also by pneumatic.
g. provision of skewing before printing on 7 stations to match the alignment of paper provided
h. all the wiring of the machines shall be of isi grade.
Outfeed unit.
same feature as infeed unit.
same features as unwind unit,with extra layon roll pneumatically activated.