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Maximum Mechanical Speed : 300 Meter / Min.
Web Direction : Left-to-Right (When looking at the operator side of the machine)
Electric Power Supply Drive : 420V / 3-phase / 50 Hz
Installed Power : 20 KW
Min. Pressure of Compressed Air Supply : 6 Bars
Consumption of Compressed Air : 100 I/min. (Humidity free)
Maximum Width : 1650 mm
Maximum Roll Diameter : 1000 mm
Maximum Roll Weight : 1000 Kg.
Maximum Core Length : 1650 mm
Core Diameter : 3 & 6
Core Material : Cardboard (Paper) Plastics/Aluminium/M.S.
Web Guide System : BST
Line Guide Stroke : 50 mm
Slitting Assembly
Minimum Slitting Width : 60 to 100 gsm
Maximum Number of slits : 12 Micron – 150 Micron
Type of Rewinder : Dual Shaft Rewinder
Rewinding Method : Central Winding
Rewinding Core Diameter : 3” Differential Friction Shafts (Optional : 6 Differential Friction Shafts)
Rewinding Direction : Clockwise / Anti Clockwise as on request
Rewinding Core Material : Paper / Cardboard
Width of Finished Reels : 50 to 1600 mm
Max. Diameter of Reels : 550 mm
Max. Weight on each shaft : 200 kg. Max.

Machine Construction
Structure and Materials
Machine Structure consists of two stabilized steel side frames, connected between themby heavy tie-rods.
Idle rollers made from aluminum materials are covered with a special rubberized cork tape to the web while increasing grip at high speeds with high performance guaranteed & dynamically balanced.
Electric control panel is separate from the machine main covering (built - in) and all the electrical cabling are pre-wired in connectors to facilitate the installation and start-up.
  • Shaftless unwinder as integral Structure with Main Frame of Machine.
  • ( Free Standing / Stand Alone Unwinder as optional)
  • M.S. frame and structure with Cantilever Arm to hold Unwind Reel.
  • Taper Cone as 3 & 6 Core Holding.
  • Imported ball screw for Different width Reel Clamping as well as oscillation for Web Guiding System.
  • Gear Motor & Screw for Reel clamping / Declamping as center position.
  • Pneumatic Brake through Load Cell close loop tension controller
Line Guide Module
  • DC Motorized Actuator act through contras sensor as line guide system from BST
  • Fine adjustment Bracket for manual Job Setting. (Motorized from Operating Panel as Optional).
  • Line Offset measured by mm Scale to helps Core Positioning & Blade Setting.
Pull Nip Unit
  • A.C. Motor & Drive
  • Hard Chrome Plated Steel Roll with positive drive as Nip Roller.
  • Pneumatically Pressure operated Rubber Roller.
Slitting Unit
  • Aluminium Groove Roller-1mm wide groove.
  • Razor in Air & Razor in Groove type magnetic Blade Holder.
  • Common Dow tell for all blades up / down.
  • Fine setting Knob for Multi angle setting / online angle setting provision.
  • Rotary Shear & Rotary Score As optional.
Rewinding Section
  • Dual Winding section with twin shaft
  • Center Winding technology with Differential Ball Shaft through programmable controls.
  • 3 Core size Cantilever Shaft with Pneumatic Arm Supported (6 As optional)
  • Individual A.C. Motor & Drive for both shafts.
  • Diameter Sensor for Speed synchronization.
  • Pneumatically operated Layon Roll through Length.
  • Note : Static Discharger per Slitting Shaft as Optional.
Remove arm unit (As Optional)
  • Positive remove Arm mechanism of Core auto positioning for both rewinding shaft.
Core Pick N Place unit (As Optional)
  • Robotic Pick N Place mechanism of Core auto Positioning for Both rewinding shaft.
Handling Trolley

Movable arm, Fix Structure Trolley for Finish Reel Handling.

(Fully Automatic Twist – Turn N Removable Reel Handling Trolley as optional)

Trim Blower
  • Hi Vacuum Trim Suctin Blower and ducting.
Semi Automatic Change Over Cycle
  • Machine Speed Auto Stop after Reel Metrage or Diameter cover.
  • Both Layon up & Rewinder Support down.
  • Griper Rolls are holding the film at both Layon.
  • Manual pushing finish reel removing from shaft to reel handling trolley.
  • Empty core manual inserting & Laser light positioning.
  • Layon down on empty core (with pre tape applied on core). Also Rewind support up at same time.
  • Rewinding processes start up to set speed automatically.
  Same cycle continue up to unwind material not completed.

Operating Positions
Main Front Desk
At Rewinder side on front guard 7.2 size True Color Touch Screen for machine operating
parameter : Touch Screen consists :--
  • Job recipe.
  • Operator & Production detail.
  • Setting & operating parameter.
  • Multiple Graphs.
  • History & Reports information.
  • Forecasting Statistical Analysis.
  • Loss & Gain analysis.
  • Multi Functional Informatics menu.
  • Power consumption management.
  • Multi language help Menu.
Back Desk
  • Line Guide Operating Controller.
  • Operating Function for Basic processes.
  • Emergency Switch -2 Nos. at Front and Back Guard.

Drive N Controls
  • Pneumatic Brake At Unwinder.
  • Load cell with Controller as Tension controlling device at unwinder.
  • Reel Clamping / Declamping through 1 H.P. Gear Motor from standard make and pneumatic.
Nip Roller
  • 5.6 KW A.C. Motor & Drive as positive drive pull Nip.
  • 5.6 KW A.C. Motor & Drive (Individual motor for Both Shaft) s Rewinder.
  • Ultrasonic Diameter Sensor for speed synchronization.
Laser Core Positioning
  • Laser Light for Core Positioning.
Auto Core Positioning (As Optional)
  • Servo Motor & Servo Drive for core Pick N Place Mechanism.
Vacuum Blower
1 H.P. A.C. Motor operated vacuum blower for trim removing.
Control Panel
  • Separate Enclosure as an Electrical control panel consist main switch, drives, switch gear, control wiring, Relays, MCB etc. from standard make.
Pneumatic Component
  • Camozzi make standard component for pneumatic devices and controls.
Pre Delivery Trials
  • Customer provides necessary trial materials for final trial of machine in witness of customer representative.